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Nemesis is one of the Premier DJ’s rising from Cairo, Egypt. His influence and popularity has stemmed from his early experiences in events and nightclub promotion. Since 1997 he has built his signature mix of minimal & techno electronic music into the evolution of what he mixes today. Through his sets you can take a journey from minimal to techno to tech house experienced through brand new tracks and remixes of past hits. His mixes have been featured on radio stations both in the U.S. and Internationally. Currently, DJ Nemesis is the founder and headliner of “The Ultimate Mix” a radio show on 95.4 FM in Cairo, Egypt which features local and international DJ’s. As well as radio shows, DJ Nemesis has played in venues and events within the U.S. and abroad.

Nemesis is a graduate of Art & Design Academy and he works as a digital artist and TV promotions director at The Egyptian Radio & Tv Union since 2005, till present.When electronic music caught his interest, he fell in love with psychedelic trance back in 2000 but he also has a deep love for more house-influenced sounds: from emotional and trance-influenced melodic progressive to phat electro house or deep, hypnotic minimal or tech house.

Nemesis is very dedicated and passionate at what he does, and he considered DJ’ing both an art form and a serious technical craft; that is why he tries to constantly test his boundaries and always tries to explore new sounds, without loosing the emotional feel of the set.

Nemesis’ takes an honor in never limiting him self to just one particular sub-sub-sub-genre of music: to him, a good set should not only be about playing 20 similar-sounding dancefloor “killers” in a row – it should be a journey: evolving, influencing the listener and moving through different emotions and soundscapes, dependent on the setting, time and crowd. That is his main motivation to keep on playing – to create and be a part of those magic moments on the dancefloor where you just surrender to the music, and let it lead the way.

On his tongue: “Good music never gets out of style”.

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